Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bad Habits Bite Back

Thursday November 3, 2005

I have an interesting story that isn't for the weak-bellied, virgin-eyes of men who can't handle discussions of female problems. I will say this... the cleanse sent relief for a problem that I thought may result in a major health crisis sometime in the near future. Within the next few days, I'm going to send that story to my female friends via e-mail. If I miss you, drop me a line and I'll make sure to forward...

But for today, I want to talk about what happens when a bad habit gets a foot in the door.

I hit a stressful period over the past 2 weeks. Take a personal injury, add some normal frustration, throw in a dash of family crisis, shake it in a bottle.... and you have my last 2 weeks.

I actually ate junk food two days in the last 2 weeks, and one of those days was yesterday. I didn't stop at the Twix after lunch, but I threw in an Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich and a small bag of Funyuns before bed. The result is amazing. Not only am I bloated today, but I feel icky and I was sneezing my head off all morning!

I am actually thankful for my body's quick rejection of bad habits. It gives me the energy to have a better day today. But it also reminds me of the potentially devestating effects that bad habits have over many years.

I do know one thing... One more totally unexpected problem this week might send me off the edge into a vat of liquid chocolate. Pass me a straw and get outa my way. :-)


Sindearella said...

I got to you from that mad Brotha Jay's blog.

I'm sorry about your lapse I do the same thing eat poorly when I get emotional. I've been thinking about your cleanse but I'm still scared.

For now it's just lean protein, and raw veggies and an orange a day if I need the sugar . . . .we'll see how that goes.

Hawa Bond said...

Hey Sindearella!
I share something with others that I didn't share on the site. The cleanse also brought some relief for "female problems." Don't be scared. Keep reading, especially my latest post about cleansing faith.