Monday, August 20, 2007

When Stress Holds the Trump Card

As you know, I am a huge supporter of the idea that cleansing the body is essentially a waste if the mind and spirit don't follow. And I notice that challenges in one area often upsets the balance in another.

I have a list of "soul" irritants that have me fantasizing about the lemonade. In other words, I'm craving a body fix for things that are challenging my mind and spirit:

1. Mom hates the boyfriend and would stab him if it was legal. Instead, I get stabbed with her tongue.

2. I haven't found a new church home since my old church ceased to exist around December 2006.

3. The rental unit is performing about as well as a rock in a 100-yard hurdle competition.

4. I got a glowing annual review at work, but the raise indicated that I must spend my days sleeping on my desk while snoring loudly.

In other words, stress dealt some wicked trump cards on me in recent months. By this past Sunday, I was emotionally exhausted and wanted nothing more than a vacation - or at least a box of Calgon.

Will a cleanse of my body (Master Cleanse) help with this emotional exhaustion? By all accounts - including my own... a cleanse just may be in order. Besides the health benefits, a cleanse generates a dramatic change in the daily routine. That "change of pace" is enough to help inspire a new perspective.

Some take sabbaticals and come back with glowy hair and flawless skin. For those of us with a more-than-hectic life, our sabbatical may lie just inside a glass of cleansing lemonade.

More later as I brush the dust from these blogging fingers.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dusty Blogger Returns

I'm Back!

Changes on the job and a growing "To Do" list kept me away from this blog since May. So... I wanna say a warm "hello" and "thanks for waiting" to my regular readers.

Virgin cleansers often come trembling with fears about "missing food" and "cleanse symptoms like the bathroom trips." But by far, anybody who has ever cleansed understands that the biggest challenge is living a cleansed life after completing a cleanse regimen.

For some people, living a cleansed life simply means keeping a clean colon by eating the right stuff. But for me, the goal encompasses mind, body, and spirit. And if I had to make an assessment of my "Wagon Status..." I would say that I'm off the wagon right now - like a cabbage head rolling of the back of the wagon after hitting a pothole. hehe

Simple vs. Easy
I agree with BluJewel's comment that eating properly is simple. But most who fight the battle with me will agree with this: It's simple, but it's not easy.

The battle is simple, because the rules are not complicated. Shop more. Buy more "living foods" such as produce. Prepare more meals fresh. Stay away from funky additives.

But the battle isn't easy because we've developed relationships with crappy food for reasons from convenience, to laziness, to emotional eating. Enough people lose the battle each day to prove how a simple idea can be strangely difficult to live by.

So I'm here... back at the blog... to renew my passion for writing about the MasterCleanse and for healthy living beyond the lemonade.

Stay in good health, and thanks for returning with me!