Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Tragic Aftermath

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I must request a moment of silence for body fat... specifically the fat on my belly. You see, since the cleanse, I haven't been able to stomach any meat besides fish. I ate two eggs on the 3rd day after the cleanse and thought I would keel over. My tummy shrank, along with some other stuff. Body fat is dead. What a tragedy... NOT!

I am enjoying a life of fruit, veggies, grains, nuts, fish, and some cheese. Yes. ENJOYING. I don't miss meat a lick. As a result, I can look down while I'm driving and see my lap. Wow. Just as I was getting used to seeing stomach and knees... I can see LAP. The law should probably count lap-watching in the same category as "driving while talking on a cell phone," because a new lap is very distracting.

I still see some bad habits trying to surface, like too many refined carbs. But boy oh boy. The good habits are coming out of the woodwork.

  • I keep clean (distilled, reverse osmosis, spring) water in the house... much more than I used to.
  • I spend more time in the produce section of the market than the meat, snack, and bread sections put together.
  • When I purchased prepared foods on my last Whole Foods trip... they were all veggie based. Corn cakes. Greens with garlic. Ummmm.
  • I eat very few sweets now. I was no "sweet tooth" before, but I'm eating even less.
  • I don't graze all day. I have no desire to visit the snack machine to fight the midday blahs.
I am totally annoyed that January is still 3 months away. I'm counting the time for my 20-day cleanse. As I told Scott today, I've become the Cleanse Evangelist!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Day After: Attack of the Oranges

October 19, 2005

I would really like to thank all the oranges that gave their lives to sustain me today.

As most cleansers know, the day after a cleanse is all about the orange juice. It feels strange drinking something besides the lemonade. In fact, I have to dilute my juice. Too strong.

Mom treated to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's tonight. I went with the healthy onion soup (no cheese and no floating crouton). After a single shallow bowl, I was stuffed! I bit the tip off a french fry... and was unimpressed. I have no taste for it. If I ever return to a life of junky food... it will be about stress and habits... not taste.

I developed a pain in my left ankle today which got worse as the day progressed. I was limping by evening. I figure it's a cleanse symptom, but it's feeling like a real injury.

I had no problems with the soup, although it was likely made with a beef broth base. Didn't upset my stomach or anyting.

It amazes me that I can drink juice all day, eat a small serving of soup, and feel like I had a 4-course feast.

Screw 4 to 6 months... I'm doing this cleasne again in January!

More tomorrow.

Cleanse Day 10, Part II: The Finish Line

October 18, 2005

I'm still not sure whether I should laugh or cry. Besides accepting Jesus, this cleanse is the best choice I've ever made. As I look at my last bottle of lemonade, I wonder about life-off-the-cleanse. I notice I'm still eliminating some solid matter and wonder if I should add another day. Then I realize I don't have the ingredients, and I settle for the Finish Line.

Now here's a weird symptom that I keep forgetting to note: One tooth became sensitive somewhere around Day 5. No cavity. No nothing. But when I first touch that toothbrush and cold water to my mouth, that tooth sends off an alarm. It's almost like the sensitivity is near the gum of that tooth. Very unusual, and I'm interested to see if it disappears after the cleanse is over.

Notes to those thinking about the cleanse, or on the cleanse:

1. Don't settle for less than 10 days. I've read stories about people lasting fewer days for many reasons. Some are afraid. Some get bored with the lemonade although not hungry. This was my first cleanse and I was determined to last the minimum recommended 10 days. Based on my experience, 3 - 5 days is just a kick-start. The real benefits and increased elimination came after that.

2. Some experienced tiredness. I only experienced that when I wasn't drinking enough lemonade. It's amazing how the lemonade really packs enough "stuff" to live on.

Tomorrow, don't forget to visit the blog and read about the challenges of Life After the Cleanse.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Cleanse Day 10, Part I: To Be Or Not To Be Done(?)

October 18, 2005

Where did the time go? Here I am, on big DAY 10... the day I settled would be the last day of the cleanse.

I've had some healthy elimination today, and it makes me wonder if I should continue. My tongue is losing the coating, and the book says a normal tongue is a sign that the cleanse is over. My teeth are almost fuzz free, and I still feel great.

I have to take this opportunity to give big ups and a hearty thanks to Wolf Pacheco. my coworker who blessed me by sharing this cleanse. I'll never forget sitting in Wolf's office... when he was on DAY 18 of his second cleanse... and seeing how utterly healthy and "changed" he looked. Besides having one of the coolest names on the planet, Wolf is one cool dude. He was always willing to hang a shingle and become Dr. Wolf when I nagged him with questions about the cleanse. Wolf is going for round 3 in January or so. Check the blog, because I might too!

Speaking of blog... there's more to the cleanse than the 10 days of lemonade. There are days of coming off the cleanse, and years of adopting to a healthier life. I'll keep this blog alive until the server crashes - or the Lord returns - whichever comes first. I look forward to sharing life after this cleanse... and all future cleanses.

Tomorrow is a day of orange juice. I don't know about you, but that sounds scary to me after days of drinking a certain mix. Sometimes I imagine that I'm so clean inside, any solid food eaten over the next few days may burst straight thru to the other end like a deadly missle.

More later, as Day 10, Part II will be my last post for the cleanse.

Tomorrow is a new day. Look forward to Post-Cleanse Day 1: Attack of the Oranges!

Cleanse Day 9, Part II: The Beat Goes On

October 17, 2005

Wow. This has been quite a ride. It's amazing what a clearer mind can do.

I made an adjustment with my 6-year old son on Friday. It's incredible what the "guilt" of a divorce can cause a single mom to do. I was compensating for my son's broken heart by giving him more latitude. The worst part, I didn't realize I was doing it. I thought he was simply a rebel. He was really a kid with a poor boundary. After making slight adjustments, he was writing me love notes by Sunday night! No kidding... God bless him.

Wham boom. Monday afternoon, I get a glowing report from his teacher. She laughed and said she was gonna check with the office to make sure she had the right class. Even my son's "partner in crime" was a good boy that day. I wonder if that made my son the ring-leader(?) I wouldn't doubt it for a second. *sigh LOL

I still walk a lot faster. I wonder if it's because I'm no longer a fire hazard... since my thighs have parted ways. Yeah, they're still close friends. But all that rubbing is over.

You know, I have an awesome co-worker who led me to this cleanse. I'll give him big props on the blog tomorrow, but for now, I have to say this: You know somebody is really cool when you're allowed to interrupt their work day to ask about bathroom habits. Nothing says "love" like a good bowel chat.

I had a lovely trip to the health food store again yesterday. Here are a few things pertaining to planned life after the cleanse:

1. I was required to shop often for the cleanse, which is also a necessity for a healthy diet. I had no "quick and easy" options for the lemonade. I will keep that habit, and stay away from quick meals void of nutrition. I believe I'm going to sell my commercial freezer. When eating healthier, a family of 3 should only need the freezer over the fridge. Everything else should be fresh.

2. My pantry is almost empty now. I dedicated a shelf to pots and pans. Why? I purged canned food. In terms of quality, frozen is second best to fresh. Canned is the bottom of the pit. If something that was once alive can last on a shelf for a year... that should give pause.

3. My son had an organic pizza with a whole wheat crust, with basil pesto sauce yesterday. Still no fast food pizza for him. I won't quit this trip when it comes to the kids. They follow my lead, and I'm responsible for leading them to a healthier life.

4. It isn't all about the food. TV... even with the kids... is a poor quality option. Yes, I believe we should have our few favorites that we watch together. But, I have had the time of my life playing and chatting with the kids. I didn't realize how far we'd traveled from that. Sometimes "busy" is your worst enemy.

More tomorrow, on big DAY 10.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Cleanse Day 9, Part I: The MasterCard(R) Commercial

October 17, 2005

It's Day 9! One day before the last day! And that snarky chick is dead! I guess she met the Porcelain Grave like the other toxins.
  • 19 Organic Lemons: $20.10
  • 1 Bottle of Organic Grade B Maple Syrup: $9.99
  • A pasta and cheese girl craving a tomato salad over spring greens with crumbled bleu cheese w/ champaigne baked chicken breast... totally and utterly frickin priceless.
I guess I should pause for some of you to pick yourselves up off the floor. If you know me at all... anything with "tomatoes and salad" in the same sentence sounds like crazy-talk. I'd better call mom and make sure she didn't have a massive coronary.

I walked into Wawa today to buy my son's school snack. About the only thing I buy there now is peanut butter crackers and yogurt. Even that's a stretch. Did you ever just look at the contents of a convenience store???? Yeah. Hmmm. Convenient place to breed disease.

I remember a local Wawa employee who lost a lot of weight and looked great. I asked her what she was doing. She loudly proclaimed "I stopped eating the food here." It took her a second to realize the oops. I guess the arrows flying out of her supervisor's eyes didn't help. But she was quite passionate about it. She shared with a whisper, "I took time to read the ingredients of the food we prepare here, and just couldn't eat it anymore." Wow. She didn't work there much longer than that. I wonder if she got in trouble for the remark or simply left after the revelation and change in health.

I started bi-monthly trips to Marlton NJ to visit Trader Joe's and Whole Foods long before I started the cleanse. Now, more than ever, I'm not comfortable in a convenience store or the local food market. By taking my mom with me, she has the same reaction when we miss a trip, and finds her way to our much-smaller local health food market.

In the book The China Study, the author declares that the state of disease in the U.S. comes down to three things: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I'm sold. It's a new day.

Notes to those on the cleanse:

1. The body does regulate based on the new schedule. I find that my salt water flush works faster in the AM, and now I can make it through the night after Senna tea (without waking at weird hours for the Bathroom Dash.)

2. Organic limes are a nice change for two reasons (a) they cost less than lemons but give more juice per fruit LOL and (2) they add variety. Even with all the benefits of the cleanse, I find "food boredom" my worst enemy.

3. It's day 9 and I have one day left. I opted for the 10-day cleanse, but I'm already rethinking that decision. I look forward to breaking the cleanse on Wednesday and eating solid food by the weekend with the family. But, I don't look forward to deep-sixing the awesome physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of being on the cleanse. I may not "break" after tomorrow. More on that later...

Cleanse Day 8: Stuck on Snarky

October 16, 2005

Oh Lord. My attitude is still stuck on snarky. It's much more fun to be annoyed by a known pest. I managed to limit the two-headed monster with the kids - even got in a few of our fun games with them.

I have more energy than ever, and my clothes are starting to reveal the weight loss.

Now if I could just find the switch on the snark-o-meter. It's like a 2-day bout with PMS without the actual PM. Ha. That just leaves "syndrome."

Pastor found a single mistake on the programs for the evening service, and I thought I was gonna shred the draft and go join a cult somewhere. LOL

Not much new to report about cleansing. But I will declare to those considering: Do not quit - no matter what.

I'll be posting two parts for Day 9, starting tomorrow morning.

Cleanse Day 7, Part II: The Tolerance of a Flea

October 15, 2005

For some reason, my annoyance meter is stuck on hair-raising. I have zero patience with the kids.

The apology I owe the kids was an easy thing. They must be wondering where there mother went! But the hard part is answering the question... "What am I so annoyed about?"

I have a few theories. I've read that when you cleanse, you also cleanse your emotional (attitude) centers. Sounded a little loopy to me until today. Foods are also connected to attitude, emotions and behaviors. Am I cleansing that part of my body???

I also wonder if I'm getting nervous about the approach of Day 10. I don't think I'm ready to ween from my lemonade!

Anyway, I sure wouldn't want to live with me today, but I have no choice.

On a positive note, I'm still feeling great (physically).

Yesterday, the boys wanted Pizza Hut. Not on my watch! I don't want to leave them a legacy that requires cleansing to "fix" their health. The 6-year old settled for Vegan Lasagna, and the 13-year old settled for gluten-free pizza, with a rice crust, made with organic ingredients. Aaaaaah. That's better. A meal a mother can feel good about!

More tomorrow.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Cleanse Day 7, Part I: The Two-Armed Tape Measure

October 14, 2005/October 15, 2005

This is really a summary of the end of Day 6. I just couldn't resist writing a Part II...

As I prepared my tea for the bedtime ritual, my 13-year old son ran to give me a hug. He stepped away and paused before returning to his video game. Now if you know my son, anything that causes him to pause before a video game is a big deal.

"Hmmm. Wow, mom. I can get both arms around you."

Now let me qualify that statement. He can probably barely get those short little arms around Halle Berry or Tyra Banks, right????

Anyway, I did notice how he was able to clasp his hands together. Makes me wish I did a weigh-in before the cleanse. (Hush, Wolf. I know... metrics, metrics. I'll get to you on this blog later). :-)

I feel strange. Not bad strange...

"Heavy" is a good term to describe the feeling after large or poor meals... because the strange I feel right now is "light." My movemenst don't feel hindered... almost fluid... like moving in water. Did someone spike my lemonade???

I see how super-healthy eaters stay in such great shape in terms of exercise. It's easy to be vital and active when you feel this good.

Notes to those on the cleanse:

1. I have experienced a few bouts with mild dizziness. They go away as quickly as they start. Have more lemonade and realize that the body is working something out. Don't assume symptoms are from a lack of food and quit the cleanse. Be in it to win it, baby.

2. I'm in day 7. When you get this far in a 10-day cleanse, start mapping your plan for after the cleanse including (1) the list of things you need to come off the cleanse correctly and (2) a personal plan for adopting and maintaining healthy eating habits.

3. Never argue that your lemonade is your "food" to a six-year old. Their logic will always win after declaring, "It can't be chewed because there are no whole lemons in it." Smartypants.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Cleanse Day 6: Exodus From Mount Toxic Waste

October 14, 2005

Today is a one-blog-post day. I have an event to attend tonight, and probably won't be around.

My left eye has been a little red for the past two days. Today it let me know why. It's running. Eeeew. My sinuses opend the Phlegm Factory today. Woulda rather missed that grand opening event. Seeing much more debris in the Porcelain Soup Bowl too. All of this indicates the next phase: The Mass Exodus From Mount Toxic Waste.

The ol' body is letting go of "stuff." My throat feels great, but it still sounds like Kermit took up residence. Skin splotch jumped-up onto my right cheek yesterday, and was gone from my face before I could get home. Had a slight "nervous" tremor in my hands last two nites around bedtime. Time for the ol' girl to part the red sea and let the toxins exodus outa Egypt.

Speaking of Exodus, I am feeling a little like Moses right now. Older. Wiser. Fresh off a mountain from receiving the 10 commandments. Well, except it was 10 lemons with some maple syrup.

I set aside some TV watching the past 2 days, and found I didn't really want to use that time. I've enjoyed the quiet evenings of playing with the boys and then reading after they go to bed. I insisted on seeing Everwood, tho. And our game of choice?? Donkey Konga 2 on Nintendo Gamecube. There's a lotta fun packed in that game!

My sons have developed a healthy curiosity about the lemonade and mom's new aversion to food. The oldest thinks it's way cool. The youngest just wants to taste the lemonade all the time. I'm thinking:

"You have a plate of homecooked goodness, and you want cleanse lemonade?" What a clown.

Still having very vivid dreams. The last one featured a cameo appearance by the same neighbor! I'm startin' to wonder.....

Notes for those on the cleanse:

1. Keep your lemonade with you at all times. Carry more than you think you need. If you get pulled away or have an extra errand to run, you don't want to get hungry.

2. Since my Senna tea was still working from the nite before, I skipped the SWF and had another cup of tea for breakfast. This is allowed, but I wouldn't make it a habit. Most accounts hail SWF as the primo was to move waste in the AM.

3. Be a living testimony and share with others. The response from those around me has been extremely positive. I guess they're thinking, "I'll try this now. Your fool-butt didn't keel over yet, so I guess it's okay."

More tomorrow...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cleanse Day 5, Part II: Furry Teeth that Want to Chew

October 13, 2005

That furry growth on the teeth is proving a weird little pest. The furry growth is cured by brushing, but accumulates lightly after the morning brush, and before I can get home from work. Looks like I have to become one of those geeks that brushes at work. hehehe

I still don't feel a lick of hunger. The body gave in and gave up food the first day. Didn't have the nerve to pester me with hunger pangs. But I'm on an emotional withdrawal today.

I mentioned last night how I had a strange "blue" feeling come and go.
Today, Mr. Blue has been creeping again, and I realize what it is. Although the body gave up a long time ago, the mind seems to just be catching up.

"What, you're really not going to EAT? These teeth with the fuzzy growth really won't CHEW?"

By many accounts, cleansers reach a point where it's not about the toxins or absent food. It's about a new clarity in other areas. I'm at the halfway point. Things I notice:

I have so much more structure to my day. Since daily preparation is crucial during a cleanse, my whole schedule is improved. I get up earlier. I'm even better about timely meals for the kids because I have to spend time preparing lemonade anyway. While I was waiting for my SWF to kick in today, I actually sat with the 6-year old and read him a book while he ate his breakfast cereal!

The usual routine is: rush out the door at the last minute, grab some quick (and icky) breakfast, eat in the car and rush to school. Now, he's eating an organic cereal before school and not rushing at all.

Life is good. More later. *grinning ear to ear*

Cleanse Day 5, Part I: Squirrels and Salt Water Flush Don't Mix

October 13, 2005

The Salt Water Flush was finally a success today. I still only drank 75% to 80% of it, but...

Tip for Those Who Want to Try the Cleanse:
The directions say "lukewarm" for the SWF, but I added a few degrees. I got great results even tho I was not able to drink 100% of the mixture.

The results were so good, I was still in flush mode on the way to my son's school. The squirrel that ran in front of my car on this rainy day almost caused an incident in the car - if you know what I mean. Note to self: no sudden moves or startling events while still Flushing. I learned the same lesson yesterday when I was practically running into the building and jumped onto the curb. The extra energy made me do it. Those who have cleansed before are laughing now.

I have a slight sinus drip during the late evening and in the morning, but I have almost no sign of allergies during the day. I sneezed at work today... even thought I didn't have that "allergic" feeling that usually goes with it.

Headaches threatened to pop-up last nite... but went away just as quickly. I have a little itchy acne-like splotch on the left side of my chest.

The overall news is the same: I feel like Superwoman.

Gotta run after work and get my Reverse Osmosis Water at Bonterra Market for $0.37 per gallon. You can't beat the price for good clean water. The only trick... you gotta bring your own container or you must buy one. The 2 gal container with nice spout for dispensing is $13 (first fill of water included).

As always, more later.

Cleanse Day 4, Part II: If You Could Only Take 2 Things With You

October 12, 2005

Today was my first day back to work since starting the cleanse. Our building was treated to a fire alarm. I bounced from my chair and froze in my tracks. I had to stop and get the two most important things from my cubicle (1) my lemonade (2) my car keys. I can't afford to get hungry or get stranded without a Porcelain Throne Retreat.

I've been visiting the rawsome website, launched by a woman who essentially changed her entire health and overall life by adopting a raw foods lifestyle. Now I can't imagine myself eating only raw food, but I can surely agree with her call for everyone to add some raw foods to the diet.

In fact, I have had some serious conversations with myself about food and vitality. I put a pindrop of bbq sauce on my tongue last nite, swashed, and spit. It tasted *funny.* We live on a lifetime of substances that our body finds odd. French Women Don't Get Fat, my latest reading material, takes a light (yet informative and action-based) look at the balance between health, vitality, and the enjoyment of all kinds of food. I'm actually having fun considering healthier life after the cleanse.

I've only heard once before that we cleanse physical AND emotional crap from our bodies. I'm starting to wonder if that's valid, because I had a short period of the blues last night. Weird. Didn't last long, but was very sudden and very obvious.

I have always been a vivid dreamer (full of colors, sound, other sensory activity, etc.). It's like being awake. Well over the past 3 days or so, my dreams have been much more vivid, and involve more people that I know. Last night, it was the neighbor. It would be interesting to find out that what I learned in the dream was true. Hmmmm.

More tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cleanse Day 4, Part I: Wrangle Me A Lemonade

October 12, 2005

I'm all in like Flynn now. I'm not interested in somebody wrangling me a steak... just pass the lemonade.

I'm still feeling great today. The Salt Water Flush was almost a total success this AM... well... until I almost didn't make it into the building at work later. Note to self: Decrease salt for those who "flush" too long.

Hey ladies... My feet are slim! You know, that sleeker look, showing off the arch, and the oh-so-sexy *gasp* extra little space between the toes. No more chubb on da feet.

I'm walking places faster than ever, without that little "whew, glad that's over" at the end. I would NEVER imagine having more energy to exercise while not eating. The Standard American Diet, and the accompanying mindset, would never allow for such crazy-talk. I got mad at the slow elevator and took 2-flights of stairs today. In heels.

I keep asking people if I'm talking too loudly. I can hear everything. Even my own voice is too loud for me. I can smell everything, too. I have an air pattern in my home, that allows me to smell aroma oil upstairs when burned at a certain place downstairs. BUT, this AM... I stood at that spot at the top of the stairs and could smell my son's cold cereal downstairs. What da? I went back 3 times to make sure that's what I was smelling. He musta been in the airstream. But dang. Like I told W.P. and S.S., I'm the bionic woman.

Notes to those who want to try the cleanse:

1. If you think you're in love with food, you'll find out you're not. Heck, food and I were married. That thingy with my ex-husband was bigamy. If I can find this level of vitality on a cleanse, you can too.

2. The limes were a success. Delicious. I didn't really need the change, but it was nice nonetheless.

Cleanse Day 3, Part II: Over Tall Buildings in a Single Bound

Oh my Lord. I don't know what to say about feeling better OFF of solid food than I ever felt while EATING food.

I danced as I prepared a nice-sized dinner for my sons... and even invited mom over to have my plate. I treated them all to a bbq chicken dinner, with cornbread and asparagus. I even served on glass plates. As a single mom, my standard for at least a year+ has been paper and plastic.

By the time my mother got to the the house, she had a tentative look. I guess she figured I'd be drawn in the face and clawing at the walls for a chicken leg. I literally felt like I could run around my neighborhood.

I washed down my entire body with Dr. Bronners Castile Soap (Tea Tree variety). I noticed a "bruised" looking area on my left had that stung when submerged in water. That's my first skin blemish. I'm actually encouraged. That means I'm starting to eliminated through my skin. Yipee

The nite ended with Senna tea at 8:30pm... hoping to not have some "action" at 4am. Tomorrow is my first day back to work. I'd like to still be asleep at 4am.

As it turns out, I was up at 2:30am, 3am and 3:20am. Not bad.

I'm still feeling like the million-dollar-woman. Yes, a little bionic.

The hardest part of the day...:
...Not licking my finger when it was all stuck with bbq sauce and cornbread crumbs after serving the kids. Believe it or not, the thought only lingered for the few seconds before rinsing my hands. Piece of cake!

Another spell of tears...
...You know? Since the time I made the decision to accept Christ and live for the Lord, this cleanse is the biggest leap of faith I've made. As I watched Joyce Meyer talk this AM about "putting God first," I found myself "full" and thankful for the cleanse. There's nothing better in life than meeting a challenge that seemed impossible... especially when you chose the journey between you and the Lord.

I'm going to go ahead and admit this "out loud"... I'd really like to be one of the folks who stays on the cleanse for 40 days. I'm loving the freedom from food. Most folks know the Biblical story of how Jesus fasted in the wilderness for 40 days...

As many report, my vision is better. Strange to me, since I always test at 20/20. I don't get tired walking places, and I'm not as annoyed by the little glitches in daily life.

More tomorrow as the dancing continues. Rock on, sistah.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Cleanse Day 3, Part I: Control (Like Janet)

October 11, 2005

Who doesn't remember the song "Control" by Janet Jackson? Okay... who over 30 doesn't remember?

That's exactly how I felt today. It's 1:13pm, and I'm shocked at what a difference a day makes. I'm not having food fantasies. I'm already turned off to the thought of returning to some foods (like the Pork Roll and Cheddar Cheese sandwich I have almost every time we bowl).

In fact, I look forward to preparing dinner for the kids tonite (BBQ chicken, with Bone Suckin' Sauce from Whole Foods, organic Asparagus prepared in butter and garlic, and corn bread). You'd think I would dread the thought.

I'm not a lick hungry. Well... until I got a "grumble" for leaving my lemonade at home while running errands. But no crisis. I didn't want to run to Mickey D's to fix the lemonade absence. In fact, all I wanted to do was get home. I feel great!

I purchased 6 limes today. I may go with a lime drink, or a lemon/lime mix. Why not? Variety is the spice of life. Ugh. That's so cliche.

I also purchased 3 books. In addition to spending more time in prayer, reading my Bible, and severely limiting my TV watching, I want to get some other reading in. Here's the titles I purchased:

1. French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure (Mireille Guiliano)

2. The China Study: Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-Term Health (T. Colin Campbell, PhD with Thomas M. Campbell II)

3. Death by Prescription: The Shocking Truth Behind an Overmedicated Nation (Ray D. Strand, M.D.)

As you can see, I'm sticking to a common theme. LOL I hope to have book reviews for these and other titles I've read in recent past (such as Kevin Trudeau's latest book and others).

I refuse to weigh myself during the cleanse, but I can say: Halfway thru Day 3, I had no objections or other challenges of resistance as I went to put on my jeans.

Tips for those on the cleanse:

1. To help keep my skin under control, I'm using a product that I purchased at Whole Foods Market: Gentle Skin Peel: Papaya Enzyme & Fruit Acid Skin Peel (by Earth Science). I don't know if this will actually help, but my skin looks a lot better today than it was last night.

2. Prepare yourself for the cost. I purchased 19 organic lemons (approx. 3.5-day supply) today, and they cost just over $20. The Grade B organic Maple Syrup was approx. $10 for a 4-day supply. That's not huge, when you consider all the lunches and other meals your saving... but I think I anticipated "lemons" as a much smaller expense. LOL

3. Don't skip a "meal." I was feeling tired, but not hungry, almost all morning. Although I wasn't hungry, I finally drank some lemonade around 10:15am. Within 1 minute (no exaggeration), I was ready to tackle the day. I was waiting until I felt hungry to drink the lemonade, but I didn't realize I was tired because I skipped the lemonade for "breakfast."

More later as I end Day 3 tonight and publish Part II.

Cleanse Day 2, Part II: Bodyaches and Belches

October 10, 2005

I ache like I’ve been exercising. I didn’t know that the Porcelain Squat was a contact sport.

Talk about contact sports, my son wanted Mickey D’s today. I’m not big on feeding that to the kids, but the idea sure beat fixing a fabulous home-cooked meal that I couldn’t eat. In rare form, he wanted to eat in the car tonight. Sitting in that confined space, the smell of cheeseburgers with extra onions and those oh-so-fried-right-salty-fries was something like a gourmet meal from the food channel. He had the nerve to smack as he ate. It seemed like I could hear every bite. I wanted to “contact” him at that point. I rolled my eyes, asked for an end to the smacking, and sipped my lemonade.

Oh Lord, I’m fantasizing again. I can’t wait to go to Whole Foods, get some good beef, organic toppings, and whole grain organic buns. I’ll show him cheeseburger with extra onions. Hmm… I wonder what day after breaking the cleanse I can have a burger?

I drive home as he smacks on the fries. I almost ask for one just so I can lick it and throw it out the window. Lick it? What kinda junkie is that??? LOL

Mom calls because she wants me and the boys over for a big fish feast on Friday. Oh no. She remembers the cleanse. When was the last time you had to turn down a dinner invite? “I’m sorry, I must decline. I still won’t be eating solid food by next weekend.” Just saying the words made my body want to rebel. “Down, girl!” (Where’s my whip).

I end the night with the last of the 60 ozs of lemonade. I’m pleased that it’s actually difficult to drink all 10 glasses each day.

Tomorrow is D Day. Day 3. The Big Kahuna. As I finish writing this, the volcano rumbles in the belly of Kahuna Island.

More tomorrow.

Notes for those doing the cleanse:

1. A furbie started growing in my mouth today. My tongue has a white film that looks like a small stuffed animal. The same film is creeping onto my teeth, although brushing gets rid of it. You couldn’t sandblast the stuff off the tongue, though.

2. Many say the Senna tea works overnight. I take mine around 10pm. The first time, I was up at 4:30am or so. Last night, I was up twice between 2am and 3:30am. In spite of getting up in the middle of the night, I am sleeping better than usual in between.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Cleanse Day 2: Part I, Dormant Volcano

October 10, 2005

Aw shucks. I feel great today. I was using 1/2 the Maple Syrup from the recipe yesterday, and didn't realize it. The correct amount makes the lemonade too sweet, so I cut it by 1 tbsp per 2 cups. Aaaah.

True to the promise, I'm not hungry after my second day with no food. It's only 4:00pm on the second day, but the average person would be hungry by now.

I also realize that Day 2 is the calm before the storm. According to most accounts, the most challenging days are Day 3 and Day 4... where the body really starts throwing off toxins and waste buildup.

My face is greasy and getting that "I'm gonna erupt on you any minute now" look. If you've ever had acne or PMS skin problems, you know what I'm talking about.

Although my stomach doesn't feel hungry, it's getting that "I'm gonna erupt in a homage to the Porcelain God" feeling.

The worst part of the day was "trying" to do the Salt Water Flush. It took me 2 minutes to down 1/2 the mixture, and was only able to add a few sips 3 minutes later. I suspect I didn't get the benefit I needed, but I literally *couldn't* get it down. What I was able to get down was already playing peek-a-boo with my throat... threatening to re-enter the world.

I suspect that between now and bedtime, I'll have more to report. I promise a Part II tomorrow.

Tidbits for those thinking about going thru the cleanse:

1. I purchased 18 lemons. Based on my squeezing method, I require 1 whole lemon for 1 glass of lemonade. I was feelin' pretty good in the store, but doing the math meant I only had 3 day's worth. Get LOTS of lemons. LOL

2. Guidelines say you can alter the amount of Maple Syrup - more if you wanna gain weight, less if you wanna lose more weight. I'm not really concerned about the weight, but the full amount is just too sweet for me.

3. The Salt Water Flush is as hard as many say it is. It turned this trooper into a whimp.

4. Buy moist personal wipes (not the ones for your hands... the ones for more "personal" cleansing). I bet these will come in handy during the day, when you want to feel fresh. It's not the frequency... it's the consistency. (Hey, just being honest to help somebody LOL)

Cleanse Day 1: I've Got Issues

October 9, 2005

Day 1 was quite a day. I hit some "spots" that others report later in the cleanse. I'll share:

I had several headaches. BUT, as promised, each went away with a trip to the porcelain throne. You should have seen me, on a Sunday morning, running from my usher post at church every few moments.

I developed a pain in my left hip, my left side, a wrist, and my neck. I hear this is evidence, that the cleanse is working out some stuff.

I skipped the Salt Water Flush in the AM since I had a 9am meeting and didn't know how my body would react. I went with the Senna herbal tea.

I went bowling during the evening, and there was my hussie friend at the concession stand. Unfortunately, I had to take my 13-year old son to meet her. It was quite an experience, for the first time, pretending she wasn't there. It was harder than I hoped, but easier than I expected. Good Lord, had food been a part of EVERY good, bad, and ugly event in my life?? Dang, I've got issues.

The worst part was the evening. Usually, it would be snack night. Holiday. No work. Stay up late with the kids. Ouch.

So I went to my room late in the evening, and found myself crying. Oh Lord. I'm not hungry (as the cleansing guidelines promised), so what's the problem???

In those few moments alone, every way that I'd mistreated myself with crappy food flashed by. It was like some sorta moment-of-clarity, where God answered my prayers to reveal anything that's holding me back. He's true to His word, and had a conversation with me right there.

When I finally dried-out and stopped looking like a drama queen, I drank my Senna tea and went to bed.

Cleanse Day 0: Shop Til You Drop

October 8, 2005

If you're planning to cleanse, you need to know how "strange" it feels the day before.

Now I've fasted, with just water, for 36 hours. That's an easy thing, because you can almost taste your next meal. I've even "consecrated" for weeks, where you limit certain foods (like junk and red meat), but continue to live a fairly normal life.

But committing to 10-20 days of no solid food does something to the brain as the day approaches.

My first instinct was a large or "junky" farewell meal. Yet somehow, as the evening approached, my taste buds went on strike. Were they angry at me, or just helping me keep from gorging and making the beginning of the cleanse a nightmare? I don't know, but I thank them anyway.

I rarely see people talk about the shopping spree, required to get all of the ingredients. It's not like a regular trip to the health food store - I guess because your brain is still trying to make logic of days with no familiar food.

The strangest part was selecting the right sized bottles to make the lemonade in. A serving is 10 oz, so I found 20 and 30 oz bottles of some strange drink. The wide mouth was the key... don't wanna need a funnel to pour in the lemonade! I promptly disposed of the nasty drink in the bottles. When was the last time you shopped for a drink to harvest the bottle? Kinda like Buying a $20 CD for your one favorite song.

I almost forgot the Senna laxative tea. That would not have been pretty.

As for my "last meal"... it turned out to be a small bag of organic pretzels and a bowl of cereal.

End the prep. The show is ON.

An Enemy Masquerading as a Friend

Did you ever discover that someone you liked secretly despised you?

You see... I developed a close relationship to a former friend very much like that. This friend, dating back to childhood, was steadfast and committed to our relationship. Not a single event in my life -- good or bad -- went by without the love, support, and comfort of my friend. We became especially close when my parents separated when I was 17. The deal was sealed when this friend moved in after my own divorce at the age of 32. We were tighter than ever.

Now, at 34, I'm rethinking the relationship. Darnit if that friend isn’t the food that has me wrapped in a warm hug called excess body fat. Worse than the fat, I’m a walking toxic zone.
How I escaped being a 300 lb. freak show amazes me. Heck… how I escaped a diseased life triggered by those toxins is another miracle. It’s true that “God sits high and looks low.” If it wasn’t for good genes, I’d be one of those big mamas in a Richard Simmons exercise video.

I'm committing to 10 days on The Master Cleanse. I want to go 20 days because this cleanse is really a fond farewell to that hussie old friend of mine.
For those of you who aren't familiar, The Master Cleanse is a 10-, 20-, 30- or even 40-day commitment to drink a "lemonade" mix (with no solid food) to totally de-toxify the body. A Google® search on The Master Cleanse reveals a sea of personal testimonies of people whose lives were changed after detoxification.

I’ll chronicle my food-free days on this blog, and talk about the humorous side of surviving the journey.