Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Doctor Yourself

Quotes like this can really captivate:
"One-third of what you eat keeps you alive.
The other two-thirds keep your doctor alive."
How about this one...
"Natural healing is not about avoiding doctors. It's about not needing to go to doctors. A dentist is not upset if you're cavity free. A doctor should not be upset if you're healthy."
Both quotes are attributed to Dr. Andrew Saul, who has taken on the war for good health. I came across Dr. Saul in my decision process to fire my doctor and hire a naturopath for my health needs. I know a woman who essentially nursed herself back from health (hadn't walked for almost 2 years) by cleansing and seeing a naturopath. The typical doctor goes blue in the face when you introduce the idea of going without food for 10 days. The same doctors respond with wide-eyed amazement after the cleanse produces outstanding health benefits.

This week, I will order Dr. Saul's book, Doctor Yourself, which focuses on our responsibility to care for our health. The author of one book review offers the following compelling comment:

Doctor Yourself is titled and based on a simple premise: every person is responsible for their own health care. When a person abdicates that responsibility, they often place themselves in the hands of the "disease care" industry, a monolithic and profit-driven enterprise where getting well isn't the bottom line.

After reading the book, I'll provide commentary here at the blog.

Rock on.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Day 6: Prayer and Fasting - The Dynamic Duo

Sunday, August 6th

Prayer and fasting are the dynamic duo. Many who cleanse for spiritual reasons share a common experience when it comes to cleansing and spending some prayerful alone time.

Well I discovered something this morning: We can be led to fast even when it comes to the prayers that we pray for others.

After arriving at church this A.M., and sometime before service started, the Pastor and his wife shared wonderful news with me. Their lives were touched in an area that I have been praying for. I realized that this cleanse/fast wasn't for me at all... but an opportunity to get the Dynamic Duo working on an old prayer.

It's human nature to pray for ourselves, cleanse for ourselves, and hope for personal blessings. Yet praying for the lives of others is a much higher calling. The last time your grocery cashier looked blue, did you speak a kind word and say a small prayer for her as you left the store? That tiny gesture could change the course of her day and therefore every day after.

I know I'm off on a tangent, and somebody should really hook me with a large cane.

I said all that to say: My work is done here. I'm very satisfied with my cleanse results, almost more so to see that the result was for somebody else. Tomorrow is Attack of the Oranges.

Cleansing Rocks. hehe

A note to my readers: In weeks to come, I will be expanding the scope of this blog to include more posts about my life after cleansing and general health information, and other specific research about the Master Cleanse. In spite of successes with the Master Cleanse, my goal is to live a "cleansed life," which to me is defined by healthier living on a daily basis.

Rock on.

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