Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Master Cleanse 2007 Day 10: Skipping Over the Finish Line Like an Energetic Child

This cleanse has been quite a ride. In spite of the deep craving I experienced when I served my sweetie a huge green salad, I didn't wanna stab anybody over a cheeseburger. In fact, I found myself enjoying the act of preparing and serving food. I often sat at the table while others ate, keeping the evening routine with our game of "Hi-Lo."

Once again, I only drank 3 glasses of lemonade and missed my P.M. senna tea. I won't get any awards this time for "Cleanse Perfection," but I feel GREAT and lost 11 pounds. That means in the first week of 20, I lost 11 pounds of my 40 pound goal.

After coming off the cleanse correctly (orange juice, veggie soup, etc), I fall into the church consecration (fruits, veggies, water, prayer) through January 28th. I feel a quiet confidence that I arrived at my season to change my health for the rest of my life. I'm not sickly by far, but I feel the extra pounds, and I know they hold a promise of challenges tomorrow.

From this point forward, I'll post once or twice a week regarding my progress on the Weight Loss Challenge - from what I'm eating to my body measurements.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Master Cleanse 2007 Days 8 - 9: Feeling Kinda Ooooh La La

In spite of the fact that I still struggle to drink 6 glasses of lemonade per day, I'm feeling like a new woman. I only had 4 glasses on Day 8 and 3 glasses on Day 9. I am down exactly 10 pounds.

I continue to miss my night-time senna tea (I did again on Day 9).

Like usual in the home stretch, my mind wanders to the life (and food) that waits for me after the cleanse. For many, this is the most anxious time because the desire is to continue living a "cleansed" life and to hopefully continue to lose weight.

Typically, people slowly return to crappy eating and pack on the pounds. I am particularly annoyed when they come back with claims that, "The cleanse doesn't work because all the weight comes back when you start to eat again." And yes, if eating means Doritos at midnight, then I guess all of your weight does come back.

So I ask that you consider the success stories that involve proper eating after the cleanse. You will absolutely continue to lose weight and increase your health if you eat right after cleansing. And by golly, I expect to continue my blog posts and become an example of what can happen when you start with a cleanse, and end with proper nutrition and exercise.

More later.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Master Cleanse 2007 Days 6-7: Hunger on a Serious Strike

Trying to drink the recommended minimum of 6 glass of lemonade per day remains a struggle. This is my 5th cleanse, and this is a first for me. By the end of the day, I'm chugging the last of 4 glasses. The lemonade is designed to provide nutrition and strength - and to also fight hunger. My hunger must be on a serious strike - or vacationing in the Bahamas. I have plenty of energy, I feel great, and there's not a hunger pang in sight. Yet I couldn't drink another glass at the end of the day if I wanted to.

Is the ease of this cleanse all about being a 5-time veteran? Is it all about having a new and supportive sweetheart? Did I mention he's the most supportive man on the planet? How about the universe... lest a distant alien try to top him? Or is the ease about a made-up mind to change my life, lose the extra baggage, and transform my health forever?

Whatever it's about, I'm feeling blessed beyond measure right now.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Master Cleanse 2007 Day 5: Conquering the Bowling Alley

Day 5 was a particularly long day at work. Organizational issues and unrest left me a little weary as the day came to a close. I called Vic (missed the goal again), and we took the boys to the bowling alley. They bowled a truck load of games while Vic and I played pool.

If you remember from my old posts, the bowling alley is a huge hangout for my family... and our alley has one of the best kitchens in the area. That's were I find myself eating all the wrong stuff - especially pork roll and cheddar cheese.

Darius munched on a chicken cheesesteak. Robbie munched on pizza. And Vic came back with the mother of all umm-umm-good with a patty melt. But guess what? I wasn't moved. I really am conquering the comforts of food one day at a time. Having a love in my life helps, but I also have a more focused vision for a larger goal. I really want to lose these pounds, live a healthy life, and bless my family with many years of my love.

Cleanse points from today:
  • I drank 5 glasses of lemonade. I only had the 5th because I crashed sometime in the evening and needed the energy.
  • I didn't drink enough water, which is a no-no.
  • I skipped my senna tea before bed.
  • I continue to cut my maple syrup by almost half, because anything else is just too sweet. BUT, if I'm gonna keep with the low consumption, I may need the full syrup for the calories.
Weight loss has stalled at 4 pounds, which doesn't bother me one bit. I understand how fluctuations occur during the cleanse, and I'm more concerned about the diet and exercise that will come after the cleanse.

Cleanse Advice Point #238:

Never try to "fast" from a new love. It's like insanity on a stick, dipped in nuts and wrapped in crazy. Ugh.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Master Cleanse 2007 Day 4: For Once, Food Isn't the Problem

Abstaining from food hasn't been a second thought this cleanse. Seriously. No food fantasies. No wishing I was sitting in front of a 3 course meal. Nothing.

My "wanna quit syndrome" is from a whole other source: Irritating Eliminations.

In spite of practically owning stock in Preparation H and Butt Paste, I'm irritated by whatever toxins are in my eliminations. It happened so early in the cleanse this time, I started wondering how I was gonna make 10 days. I seem to be on an okay schedule (except I keep forgetting to bring my "necessities" to work).

Early this morning (the morning of Day 4), the scale indicated that I'm down 6 pounds. If I keep this rate, and stick to my post-cleanse plans, this will be a wonderful head-start on my 20-week goal (40 pounds) for Weight Loss Challenge 2007.

I learned something else about the cramping associated with the Senna tea. I already knew that cramping could be reduced/eliminated by taking the tea bag from the water sooner. BUT, last night, I also learned not to gulp the tea. In a rush to go to bed, I finished the tea in a few sips. By 1:30am... I was sitting in the bathroom with terrible cramps and having visions of sipping the tea next time.

I may actually do a SWF (salt water flush) this Saturday and Sunday. 90% of the time, I accept Burroughs modification to skip the SWF and have Senna tea instead.

Things on my job are really in turmoil (regarding the government organization that I support). One of our top performers (in terms of security knowledge) announced her departure yesterday. She'll be moving to another organization outside of our building. This announcement was difficult for me in a couple of ways. (1) She's also a personal friend, and having her here has been such a pleasure. (2) Her departure creates a crack in the foundation, making future contract support a little sketchy for the rest of us.

I have needed to update my resume and explore a career change for a loooooooong time now. This upheaval is quite timely, but I'm feeling tentative nonetheless. I needed the kick in the pants, but I feel the low simmer of panic in my belly. I'm happy to be cleansing for spiritual and physical reasons as I face whatever is next.

More later.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Master Cleanse 2007 Days 2 - 3: Missed Goals and Lost Weight

Well well well. I have never weighed myself during a cleanse. But now, with my handy dandy accurate digital scale that cost too much, I can report on how the cleanse affects weight.

I weighed myself somewhere near the end of Day 1. By the end of Day 3, I was down 5 pounds.

I am having a terribly difficult time drinking the recommended minimum of lemonade. So far, my consumption has been like this:

Day 1: 4 glasses
Day 2: 6 glasses
Day 3: 4 glasses
Day 4: (struggling to get thru the first one)

I am shockingly not hungry. Not even enough to keep up on the lemonade. But ladies and gentlemen, heed this: Your lemonade is for strength and nutrition. Do your best to at least drink 6 glasses per day. I have been supplementing with some water, but not as much as usual. Go figure. It's so true. Every cleanse is different.

To my shock, horror, and sweet surprise, Vic called by early evening on Day 1. He wasn't prepared for what it takes to break all communication for fasting. I'm typing this on Day 4 - and let me just admit - we've been in contact for the first 3 days. No, not just the phone... but also all of Sunday for the kids' bowling tournament, dinner, etc. The new daggone goal is to make it through the next 7 days, giving us a week of fasting from each other. Lord that man makes me sing.

My clothes are fitting great and I feel like 1 million bucks. The Preparation H is in full swing... as I am already completely irritated in the nether regions. My face developed a below-surface pimple that feels more like a bean caught under my skin. I love how facial eruptions during the cleanse are followed by the most wonderful skin you've probably ever seen on your own face.

I soaked in Epsom salts yesterday. The reason for doing this totally escapes me right now, but it felt good. Like butter. ummm

More later...

Friday, January 05, 2007

Master Cleanse 2007 Day 1: Grumpy For Totally Different Reasons

If you've been to this blog lately, you know I start my Weight Loss Challenge 2007 today. My goal is to lose 40 pounds by May 25th, plus an additional 20 or so later in the year.

I'm kicking-off the weight loss challenge (sponsored by me and the other moderators at the Yahoo group "mastercleanse") with a 10-day master cleanse. You would think my 5th cleanse would be a breeze, but alas, I'm fasting also from something new in my life... my man. When fasting for spiritual reasons, the goal is to kill "fleshly" desires so focus can remain on prayer and hearing from God.

Grumpiness is a normal part of fasting. It is one of the most common symptoms reported by the members of our group. But today, on Day 1, I am experiencing a whole new "grump."

Why?? Because a romantic relationship interferes with fasting, so I had to put Vic in a box until the fast is over. Because he's the sweetheart he is, he agreed to keep from contact and spend his time giving up bad habits and praying for us. In spite of the sincerity of the gesture, I miss the one whose voice has become daily music in my ears.

Stay tuned for daily updates about the cleanse/fast and Weight Loss Challenge. True to my form, you'll get the candid truth about how my days are going, plus tips and tricks to help you cleanse with success.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's On Like Redenbacher Popcorn

Weight Loss Challenge 2007 Begins!

If you have a serious plan for weight loss in 2007 and you're not opposed to fasting/cleansing as a kick start, then you should really make a run over to the Yahoo group: mastercleanse.

Challenge participants are signing-up and their entry forms are available here in PDF form. Each file name shows the Age/Sex/Location of the participants so you can buddy-up with people of similar age or circumstance.

My weight loss goal for the 20-week challenge is 40 pounds. My actual goal is for a total of 60 to 80, and I'll address the balance after the 20-weeks are over on May 25th.

My weight loss challenge is structured as follows (with some overlap):
  • Fri Jan 5 thru Sun Jan 14: I will begin with a 10 day Master Cleanse, according to Stanley Burroughs' book, "The Master Cleanser."
    Goals: Reset bad habits, rejuvenate relationship with God thru daily prayer and reading, abstain from contact with new beau to seek clarity regarding the relationship, prayerfully decide which ministries to give my time in church.
    Secondary Goal: To not murder the first person who offers me a bagel (hehe)
  • Mon Jan 8 thru Sun Jan 28: I will continue with the 21-day consecration with Grace Family Church (consisting of daily prayer along with a diet of fruits, veggies, and water). Daily prayer will focus on specific topics, which I am happy to post here by Monday.
    Goals: Complete 21 days of focused prayer, draft my complete personal plan for 2007, refresh power, confidence, peace & joy, achieve daily success with Weight Loss Challenge.
  • Fri Jan 5 thru Fri May 25: Weight Loss Challenge 2007
    Goals: Increase strength & endurance and lose 40 pounds.
My reward for success at the end of the Challenge is a new hairstyle, an expensive outfit, and an out-of-town date with my ultra-supportive beau.

It's on like popcorn - so let's get it poppin!