Friday, February 10, 2006

Motivation from a Tiny Voice in the Dark

Friday February 10, 2006

My 6-year old still has questions about why mommy and daddy aren't together anymore. His big question last night, "Were you sad when daddy said he didn't love you anymore?"

After giving him the canned answer, he responded with his own logic.

"I don't see why, because you are the sweetest mom. You're so sweet."

He said this with a voice so tiny and sincere, that time stopped for me. In fact, I'm still back there somewhere, huddled with him in his room. Twenty years from now, I could stand in the middle of a massive bone-cold nor'easter and still get some warmth from that precious little declaration.

For every reason I have to live a healthy life for myself, there is another reason related to those I live my life to help.

Note to self: Don't post a quick entry from work, where a cubicle neighbor can fart and ruin a precious moment. hehe *sigh

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BluJewel said...

That's utterly beautiful. I've always said that if you want the truth, ask a child and your son has proven my statement. While adults with all their complexities, analytical perspectives, and suchl; children will keep it simple and tell the truth. Hats off to your tear-jerking son.