Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Day After: Attack of the Oranges

October 19, 2005

I would really like to thank all the oranges that gave their lives to sustain me today.

As most cleansers know, the day after a cleanse is all about the orange juice. It feels strange drinking something besides the lemonade. In fact, I have to dilute my juice. Too strong.

Mom treated to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's tonight. I went with the healthy onion soup (no cheese and no floating crouton). After a single shallow bowl, I was stuffed! I bit the tip off a french fry... and was unimpressed. I have no taste for it. If I ever return to a life of junky food... it will be about stress and habits... not taste.

I developed a pain in my left ankle today which got worse as the day progressed. I was limping by evening. I figure it's a cleanse symptom, but it's feeling like a real injury.

I had no problems with the soup, although it was likely made with a beef broth base. Didn't upset my stomach or anyting.

It amazes me that I can drink juice all day, eat a small serving of soup, and feel like I had a 4-course feast.

Screw 4 to 6 months... I'm doing this cleasne again in January!

More tomorrow.

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