Friday, December 29, 2006

Weight Loss Challenge 2007

Right now, the moderators (including me) at the mastercleanse Yahoo group are working on plans for a 2007 weight loss challenge. The challenge will begin with a January cleanse (minimum 10 days), and continue with healthy eating and exercise (methods of your choice).

Here is an excerpt from the early plans (nothing decided for sure):


Our first annual weight loss challenge (20 weeks) will begin on Friday January 5th and continue through Friday May 25th.

The challenge will feature:

  • Published entry forms for those who want to “compete” for prizes.
  • Weekly journals for all Challenge participants.
  • Published 20-week journals of the top 3 participants plus participating group moderators.
  • A top prize and runner-up prize, judged by List Owner Mary, and Moderators Anna, Hawa, and Thia.
  • The most awesome weight loss and cleansing peer support available on the internet!


In spite of several concerns that a few of our members are using Stanley Burroughs Master Cleanse as a quick way to lose weight, we are hosting our first annual Weight Loss Challenge. This year’s challenge is named: Lemonhead Losers.

In his book, Stanley Burroughs declared his own cleanse as an optimal way to lose weight (fat, toxins, and water). If that isn’t convincing enough, also consider the following:

  • Overweight/obesity is a known contributor to life threatening illness.
  • The American Heart Association maintains a list of known cardiovascular problems that are specifically caused or greatly magnified by carrying extra weight.
  • The quick weight loss associated with the cleanse is no different than fast weight loss on shows like The Biggest Loser and no different than the quick weight lost after bariatric surgery.

No matter how you slice it, losing the extra weight is a necessary part of any plan for overall health and fitness.

If you fall into the category of folks with a weight loss goal, we invite you to join our Challenge!

Why Now?

We have an unbelievably supportive group of members. Time and time again, our members help each other through difficult cleanse times. Why not offer such quality support for weight loss? Sometimes friendship, support, understanding, and even a little competitiveness can make the difference between reaching the goal and quitting too soon.

Whether or not the Weight Loss Challenge happens, I have a plan to lose 40 pounds in the new year. I'll share that journey at this blog - duplicating my journal entries from the Yahoo group if necessary.

Leave a comment if your New Year involves losing weight. Make your way over the the Yahoo group and get some of the best support available on the internet!


Blu Jewel said...

As previously discussed, I'd like to enter the cleanse with you in order to rid my body of the toxins and just get my inner being back in line. I do have a major concern though. I drank some senna tea yesterday late afternoon and was awoken around 2:00am with some severe abdominal cramping. This went on for roughly 2 hours to include some evacuation, though nothing that would warrant the extend of my cramping. Is there a way to reduce this level of cramping that occurred some 12 or more hours AFTER drinking the tea? I do not want the tea to be a deterrant for me to participate. I have low iron and low blood pressure which is a concern for me also.

Thanks in advance

Hawa Bond said...

What's up, Blu!

The cramping and stomach "griping" is a common complaint at the Yahoo group. Believe it or not, you can eliminate that by steeping the tea for less time. One member discovered that she can't leave the tea bag in past 2 minutes and 10 seconds. Go figure. I steep mine for like 2 minutes (not like the crazy 5 TO 15 MINUTES listed on the box).

Blu Jewel said...

Okay. I'll give it a shot. I need to "prep" my body or I know it'll have negative effects due to the previously stated conditions. I'm hoping that i'll be ready to take on a cleanse, though not for 10 days by the 15th.

Rozetta said...

I really enjoyed reading your journey as Master Cleanser. I'm new to your blog. I'm taking on the Master Cleanse journey myself. I'm doing 40 days.

I prayed about it. Spirit spoke and said "Do it!" So, I am....Keep me in your prayers.

Check me out at my blog spot:


P.S. I'm still trying to figure this whole Blogging thing out...So my Blog is still being updated...