Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Poor Planning and Your Paunch

I am suddenly a believer in old advice I heard regarding health habits - that preparation can make the difference between losing 100 pounds or gaining 50.

These weeks following my last cleanse have been quite an experience. I have more positive food habits than ever. I rarely eat carbs, and I don't load when I do. I drink water and incorporate more exercise. I feel great and had to note a player who helped this major change:


Did you ever notice how you eat whatever is available? Walk into a conference room with donuts, and suddenly it's Donut Monday. Walk into a meeting with candy, and suddenly it's a Sweet Meeting.

The same is true at home. The contents of your cabinets become your "availability." Don't stock those cabinets with junk from floor to ceiling and complain that it is impossible to lose weight.

I spent a few evenings preparing the proper food choices which made my days easier. Today, I came with carb-lite/carb-free selections like meatloaf and deviled eggs. My belly is full while managing to avoid the Carb Party Box called the vending machines.

I say all this to encourage you to put first things first. The average person who complains of being "too busy" can still find time for a favorite television show or other random nighttime activities. Use part of that time to lovingly prepare foods that nourish instead of harm your body. I'm starting to enjoy the time I spend in the kitchen because I'm able to do other things at the same time... like catch American Idol and stir during the commercials.

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