Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Knee Deep in a Bucket of Hot Wings

Well dang. Where have I been? I would say "knee deep in a bucket of hot wings," but the truth is a little worse than that. At least hot wings aren't loaded with processed carbs - which have crept back in to my routine like ants to a picnic.

I have returned to "snacking," although I snack less often than I used to. I also returned to having some soda and eating foods with "white" carbs in them. In spite of my overall habits having improved over the last 3 years, I'm in a health funk.

It's time for the cleanse I've been avoiding since the middle of March.
I had a few good excuses going... like my birthday, my sweetheart's birthday, and oh yeah..... the full moon. But now I'm out of options, unless I have a
rare disease that requires me to eat Easter Eggs every Easter Sunday or I'll implode.

The real disease is a deadly allergy to bathing suits - especially bikinis - because if I don't get on the move, I won't be stepping a single foot into swim recreation this summer.

The last thing I want to do is make cleansing/fasting/weight loss about appearance. On a certain level, appearance should be a concern. Looking your best (not somebody else's best) is a sign that you have a healthy love for yourself.

But on the most important level, I want to live a long healthy spiritual life that doesn't include a team of medical specialists and a medicine cabinet full of prescription drugs. And oh yeah, I also don't want my future to include a trip thru the roof because only a crane can get me out of the house.

That may sound like an extraordinary exaggeration, but the unhealthy people and severely obese folks didn't just wake up with a mountain of health problems. They're the product of a series of actions (and lack of actions) that multiplied into a big mess. That means the war is fought daily. Today I fight once again as I purchase my lemons (after putting down an old favorite and recent weakness - Andy Capp's Hot Fries). ::sigh:: hehe


Nia here! said...

You're a very engaging writer. I'm wishing you continued progress as you make the right choices for YOU.

The way you seem to be using the Master Cleanse reminds me of my friend Cookie and how she used housecleaning. She did it once a week. She said, "Why fiddle with these chores every day. I'd rather spend one day a week doing all the housework and then have the rest of the week free to have fun."

Instead of consciously putting clean and natural food in every day, you seem to be discriminating but not absolutely against a little of this, a little of that...so instead of being "en guard" all the time...every few months or so you do a Master Cleanse to purge your body of what might have slipped in since the last cleaning...

I think we have magic bodies that are incredibly agile in handling whatever regimens we come up with.

Personally, I don't have access to clean lemons right now...so I'm eating rice (organinc short grain brown Ludenburg) with spices and starting the day with a salt water flush (Celtic Sea Salt), ending the day with senna tea (Smooth Move) and during the day downing a mixture of psyllium, bentonite and a quart of Rice Dreams...

the P&B shakes will stop when the Rice Dreams runs out. Once I run out of rice I'll be on the Master Cleanse sans lemons, and maple syrup. Hopefully I won't go that far!

Are you starting your next MC in May? I'm starting mine as soon as I can get the goods, so to speak.

If you are so inclined I'd be thrilled if you stopped by my site (http://master-cleanse.info) and made a comment about your before, during or after experience or any points of information that aren't commonly known but that you think might be helpful to others.

All the best, Nia. :)

Hawa Bond said...

Thanks for stopping by, Nia!

Actually, the ultimate goal is to live a "cleansed" life, where whole and healthy foods are a normal part of daily living. And of course, the occasional fun foods for celebrations and such.

But while working towards that existence, for weakness, lack of time-convenience, or poor planning, crappy food (like Hot Fries LOL) make it in.

I think that using the cleanse to eat junk all the rest of the year is a dangerous game, and everybody who chooses to cleanse should have a plan for doing better once the cleanse is over. But alas, life doesn't always go in that direction and the next cleanse is about staying in the battle.

I have visited your site a few times, and it's great to see more and more resources on the internet that are dedicated to healthy living.

My favorite site about the cleanse is authored by Peter Glickman (http://www.therawfoodsite.com). I have come to know him as quite a cleanse guru.

Have a great day, and thanks for your kind words. *smile*

Blu Jewel said...

I was listening to the Michael Baisden talk show on my way home from work yesterday and the topic was about eating and living healthy. While I agree wholeheartedly with the proposals made, it's not as easy to do as the drs and nutritionists proport. I haven't eaten meats other than seafood and poultry for 22 yrs. I know my body thanks me for it and I try to consume as much fruits and veggies as possible.

My point is that this "lifestyle" is NOT easy to maintain and is certainly heard of entertaining, dining out, and on the wallet. I love to entertain, but it's not always easy preparing certain types of foods that my guests would eat. In addition, I like to dine out and there are few places that accomodate certain eating practices. And let's not forget how expense buying many of these products are. If drs & nutritionists are promoting better eating habits, then they need to work with companies to reduce the cost of their products. Fortunately for me, i live near many farms and can procure freshly picked produce in the summer and try to preserve some for the fall and beyond. However, that still does not help my wallet when i want other organic products.

All in all, I'm favorable to promoting healthy eating habits and i support cleansing. For those of us who regard their bodies from the inside out are still being damaged from the outside in, from toxins and pollutions in the air, water, and other environment things. It's an on-going battle I swear. *sigh*

Blu Jewel said...

forgot to add...as a snacking aid, buy small baggies and put fruit, veggies, and nuts in them respectively and leave them in the fridge til you're ready for them. throw them in your bag when you're heading for work and you'll have healthy snacks for the day. you can also allow for your indulgences/weaknesses by taking out small portions instead of eating out of the bag.

Hawa Bond said...

Hey, Blu!

I'm so glad you stopped by and shared that. Your "snacking" tip hit home for me, because it's hard not to hit the snack machine when the afternoon "blah's" hit at work.

In terms of lifestyle, it is difficult. Convenience has become about fast food with little nutritional value. If there were as many "fast, healthy, organic" food places as McDonald's, I'd be in heaven. LOL And with my nights gone before they even get started..... ::sigh::

This battle is more about perseverance and endurance... not about the knock-out punch.

It's always a pleasure to see you drop by. :-)

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