Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Don't Call It a Comeback ! (I'm Gonna Knock You Out)

Remember the LL Cool J song "Mama Said Knock You Out?" I'm knockin' some stuff out, and it's great to be back here.

Just when you thought I fell off the edge of the earth... here I am. I returned to the blog today after returning to the Yahoo group as a moderator earlier this summer.

::Deep Inhale:: The air sure is clear in the happy zone.

What a journey I've been on since November 2007. High highs. Low lows. And the net result is that I'm a happy camper.

Should I recap for the newcomers?

  • Married November 1999.

  • Husband ran out November 2003.

  • Divorce final July 2004.

  • Husband remarried September 2004 (I knew he was seeing that woman!).

  • Developed some bad... okay, worse... nutritional habits by October 2004 (can you say "comfort food?").

  • Considered reading "The Perfect Murder Manual" til November 2004 (hehe).

  • Discovered the Master Cleanse in October 2005.

  • Overcame the emotional trauma by 2005 through forgiveness, prayer, and growing a set of brass knockers.

  • Cleansed until November 2006.

  • Met a wonderful man in November 2006.

  • Developed more bad habits, mostly associated with enjoying life again.

  • Got engaged April 2007.

  • Been smiling ever since.

  • Started workout training August 6, 2008 (feelin' GREAT, too).

  • Saw a friggin' calf muscle in my leg and detected a knee-cap on August 15, 2008 (wow, I have those?).

  • Resurrected the blog on August 20, 2008.

So. There you have it. My road to cleansing and return to this blog in a nutshell.

I expect to start my next cleanse after a family barbeque scheduled for August 30. Until then, I'll keep bringing health news, personal views, and stage cues... anything to help you and me live a cleansed life.

Happy Cleansing!

PS: Notice the updated pic in the sidebar and profile? That was before a date with my sweetheart - the one who makes me laugh, scream, cry, smile - but mostly love with a happy heart.

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