Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Next Cleanse is Looming Like a Storm Cloud

My last cleanse was January 2007. I went 13 days, and I felt like Rocky running up all those dang steps. Only I had lemonade in my water bottle.

As August 2008 nears an end, I sit nervously planning a September 1 cleanse.

What!? You didn't know that old cleanse veterans still get nervous?

Anyway, every cleanse is so different that the 5th can feel like the 1st.

Who knows if the 3rd day will be tough or if symptoms will wait until the 8th day? Who knows if the SWF will work in 1 hour or 3 hours? And who knows if mental strength will carry for the whole 10+ days?

The first-timer and the veteran have these things in common - the unknown.

Thankfully, the experience under my belt tells me something very important: No matter how hard things get, the benefits will ALWAYS outweigh the mental war. So while I may secretly tremble in my boots, I approach my cleanse with a smile.

When are you starting?


Anonymous said...

this post made me smile. :)

i'm thinking about starting the cleanse tomorrow. im VERY nervous tho. i LOVE to eat and i KNOW everyone around me is gonna be rubbing their food in my face. any tips for a newbie?

aloha from hawaii!
- tashia

Blu Jewel said...

I recently had a colonoscopy done and know all too well what a cleanse feels like. *lol* so I'm not sure I'll be partaking in anymore cleanses any time soon.

I do think I may embark on one in my new year (Sept 13th) though.