Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Disappearing Acts

I certainly know how to pull a disappearing act. I haven't been to this blog in so long, that I had to climb through an unopened window in the back just to get in. The place is dusty, but it's still home.

My next cleanse is scheduled for August 1st. It looks like moderators and members alike have a similar goal at the Yahoo mastercleanse group. I don't think I ever needed a cleanse more than I need one now.
When I'm on target with good health, my focus is like a laser beam - burning holes in junk food and destroying midnight snacks. But right now, when somebody says "hole," I only think of donuts. My laser beam is more like a garden hose set on sprinkle. I'm spraying everywhere between snack food and pizza.

The pop-culture induced reliance on food for everything from celebration to self-medication is a scary thing.
I'll return to the blog periodically between now and August 1st to whine about preparing for the cleanse. I feel like a baby who just dropped her bottle outside of the stroller and nobody's picking it up. I'm having a tantrum over the fact that magic bullets don't exist to resolve a crappy relationship with food or the weight that follows. The tantrum will be short, but I'd still cover the furniture and clear the room. hehe

Rocking on, (but right now with a slice of pizza in my hand)...

(P.S. Are any other Blogger users slightly annoyed that the Blogger spell checker rejects the word "blog?")


BluJewel said...

So glad that you posted. I'm going through some physical maladies, which are prompting me to prepare for a cleanse. Due to some minor (and I do mean minor) health concerns, I have to be careful in the duration of said cleansing. Do you think a 3-day cleanse is affective? I've done one before and found it helped somewhat, but it wasn't the one you do. Suggestions?

Regarding the blogger spell check, how the hell does it work? I've tried it and can't seem to have it catch my typos. Gotta thank my friends for catching them instead...lol!

timetocleanse said...

I like how you describe your "relationship with food." Have you experienced any side effects with the senna leaf tea?