Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Cleansing Butts Prefer Butt Paste

So I realize that I'm behind on my blog posts, but I just HAD to cover this butt material first.

Many of you know about the potential for hemmorhoids, and my personal battle with them while cleansing. I went the Preparation H route, but members of the Yahoo group came with some knockout information...

The irritations of cleansing are better served by Bourdreaux's Butt Paste - basically a diaper rash treatment also used by "irritated" adults. Go figure. One member of the board has used both treatments (Prep H and Butt Paste), and couldn't believe the superior performance of Butt Paste.

Now with a name like Butt Paste, you have to be good. No need having such a stand-out name and delivering booty results. (Yes. The pun was intended. My humor writer is on vacation, so just move on).

Brought to you by the committee to assist cleansers everywhere, no matter how sensitive the subject matter.

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BluJewel said...

I've been away and am now catching up. I had hoped to join you in this cleanse venture; however, I have to take meds, which require taking them with food. Is there a way to both cleanse and still take the meds? Inquiring mind at work! Anyhoo, I will continue to read and support you while going through this seeing as you are my shero!

Any suggestions on how to do something, anything to feel "purified" again will be greatly appreciated.

Hawa Bond said...

We (the moderators at the Yahoo group for the Master Cleanse) get this question a lot. Many people on short-term and long-term medication want to know about the safety of cleansing.

If the medication is short-term, we always recommend completing the cycle of medication and then starting a cleanse. The main issue is absorption, and the absence of solid food can affect the absorption of medication.

The answer is more complicated for those on medication for the long term (e.g. blood pressue and other chronic conditions). Members of the group who fall into this category report that the cleanse goes very well and they're able to continue the meds. People on blood pressure meds actually require a decrease in the meds because blood pressure often drops while cleansing. (An important thing to note for those with already low BP).

I will gladly research the issue in more depth and post the results at a later date.