Monday, January 08, 2007

Master Cleanse 2007 Days 2 - 3: Missed Goals and Lost Weight

Well well well. I have never weighed myself during a cleanse. But now, with my handy dandy accurate digital scale that cost too much, I can report on how the cleanse affects weight.

I weighed myself somewhere near the end of Day 1. By the end of Day 3, I was down 5 pounds.

I am having a terribly difficult time drinking the recommended minimum of lemonade. So far, my consumption has been like this:

Day 1: 4 glasses
Day 2: 6 glasses
Day 3: 4 glasses
Day 4: (struggling to get thru the first one)

I am shockingly not hungry. Not even enough to keep up on the lemonade. But ladies and gentlemen, heed this: Your lemonade is for strength and nutrition. Do your best to at least drink 6 glasses per day. I have been supplementing with some water, but not as much as usual. Go figure. It's so true. Every cleanse is different.

To my shock, horror, and sweet surprise, Vic called by early evening on Day 1. He wasn't prepared for what it takes to break all communication for fasting. I'm typing this on Day 4 - and let me just admit - we've been in contact for the first 3 days. No, not just the phone... but also all of Sunday for the kids' bowling tournament, dinner, etc. The new daggone goal is to make it through the next 7 days, giving us a week of fasting from each other. Lord that man makes me sing.

My clothes are fitting great and I feel like 1 million bucks. The Preparation H is in full swing... as I am already completely irritated in the nether regions. My face developed a below-surface pimple that feels more like a bean caught under my skin. I love how facial eruptions during the cleanse are followed by the most wonderful skin you've probably ever seen on your own face.

I soaked in Epsom salts yesterday. The reason for doing this totally escapes me right now, but it felt good. Like butter. ummm

More later...


Blu Jewel said...

*giggling* gurl, I KNOW what the Epsom Salts was for *wink*. It's a good overall healing agent that soothes and calms the skin, muscles, and nerves. *giggle*

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