Monday, January 15, 2007

Master Cleanse 2007 Days 8 - 9: Feeling Kinda Ooooh La La

In spite of the fact that I still struggle to drink 6 glasses of lemonade per day, I'm feeling like a new woman. I only had 4 glasses on Day 8 and 3 glasses on Day 9. I am down exactly 10 pounds.

I continue to miss my night-time senna tea (I did again on Day 9).

Like usual in the home stretch, my mind wanders to the life (and food) that waits for me after the cleanse. For many, this is the most anxious time because the desire is to continue living a "cleansed" life and to hopefully continue to lose weight.

Typically, people slowly return to crappy eating and pack on the pounds. I am particularly annoyed when they come back with claims that, "The cleanse doesn't work because all the weight comes back when you start to eat again." And yes, if eating means Doritos at midnight, then I guess all of your weight does come back.

So I ask that you consider the success stories that involve proper eating after the cleanse. You will absolutely continue to lose weight and increase your health if you eat right after cleansing. And by golly, I expect to continue my blog posts and become an example of what can happen when you start with a cleanse, and end with proper nutrition and exercise.

More later.


Blu Jewel said...

YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION!!! I'm very proud of you and i know you'll continue to do well and meet your goals. If you're ever in need of some low-cal, high fiber, and good tasting meals, holla atcha girl.

Hawa Bond said...

Hey, Blu!

Thanks for the recipe offer! The last time I had something you cooked, it was tasty-tasty-tasty. I may be ringing your phone.