Monday, October 10, 2005

Cleanse Day 1: I've Got Issues

October 9, 2005

Day 1 was quite a day. I hit some "spots" that others report later in the cleanse. I'll share:

I had several headaches. BUT, as promised, each went away with a trip to the porcelain throne. You should have seen me, on a Sunday morning, running from my usher post at church every few moments.

I developed a pain in my left hip, my left side, a wrist, and my neck. I hear this is evidence, that the cleanse is working out some stuff.

I skipped the Salt Water Flush in the AM since I had a 9am meeting and didn't know how my body would react. I went with the Senna herbal tea.

I went bowling during the evening, and there was my hussie friend at the concession stand. Unfortunately, I had to take my 13-year old son to meet her. It was quite an experience, for the first time, pretending she wasn't there. It was harder than I hoped, but easier than I expected. Good Lord, had food been a part of EVERY good, bad, and ugly event in my life?? Dang, I've got issues.

The worst part was the evening. Usually, it would be snack night. Holiday. No work. Stay up late with the kids. Ouch.

So I went to my room late in the evening, and found myself crying. Oh Lord. I'm not hungry (as the cleansing guidelines promised), so what's the problem???

In those few moments alone, every way that I'd mistreated myself with crappy food flashed by. It was like some sorta moment-of-clarity, where God answered my prayers to reveal anything that's holding me back. He's true to His word, and had a conversation with me right there.

When I finally dried-out and stopped looking like a drama queen, I drank my Senna tea and went to bed.

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