Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Cleanse 2, Days 13 - 15: Body Quits Before I Do

Friday January 13, thru Sunday January 15, 2006

Day 13 was definitely the most unusual cleanse day I've ever experienced. The mild rejection of the lemonade on Day 12 became a full blown problem today. Not only do I have trouble swallowing the lemonade, but just smelling the individual ingredients turns my stomach.

Day 13 Stats: 4 glasses lemonade, Senna Tea AM and PM

By the end of the day, I was only able to get down 4 glasses of the lemonade - which is 2 short of the 6-glass minimum. In spite of that, I was still willing to continue... UNTIL... I couldn't get the Senna Tea down! It tasted like somebody mixed something strange in my tea, and I had to struggle to get it down. I've only heard of one other person who experienced an actual rejection due to a strange change it taste. Alas, tomorrow must be orange juice!

I awoke on Day 14 still somehow willing to make a go of the lemonade again. As I continued to reject the advice "listen to your body," I am more bent on wanting to finish 21 days! I stepped out of bed and decided to go squeeze some lemons. My stomach leapt and twisted in my body. In perfect obedience, I declared: "No problem. Orange juice it is!"

I continued to "cleanse" today, and felt quite great. I made the right choice.

Day 14 Stats: 1 liter of organic Bolthouse orange juice and a few glasses of water

Day 15 was a repeat of Day 14. Same amount of orange juice and water. Feeling even better. In spite of my personal let-down for missing 21 days, my body keeps screaming what a success the cleanse was. After two days of just orange juice and water, I'm feeling like a spring chicken.

This time around, my life after the cleanse is a MAJOR priority. I'll continue this blog for everyone who's curious about the trials of maintaining weight and other benefits after a cleanse.

For all those interested, my next 10-day cleanse is scheduled for 6 months from now.

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BluJewel said...

Though I haven't always commented, I have followed your cleansing process and must say that I'm very impressed with your dilligence. I know you wanted to go the entire 21 days, but you did the right thing by listening to your body. Cleansing is not an easy process and to last 14 days is quite impressive. I too have cleansed in the past and initially didn't listen to my body until I was almost at the point of passing out. You listened to your body and initiated a cleanse and then listened to your body when it said stop. Good for you and you should be very proud and not disappointed. Drinking senna tea daily; twice daily in fact can be very taxing on your system and the change in taste was due to the change in your body. You removed the many toxins and other deviants from your system and your taste buds recognized it and prohibited your drinking both the lemonade and tea. You've succeeded in doing what so many of us only wish to do. I'm due for cleanse and will plan it carefully and according to my body's desire to participate. I'll keep you posted!