Monday, January 02, 2006

Cleanse 2, Day 1: Dodging Cheese Biscuits

Sunday, January 1, 2006

Here was the fun part of the day: Sitting in Red Lobster watching my 13-year old son eat dinner. We always eat out for dinner after church. And just like clockwork, he wanted to know: Where are we gonna eat this time?

We?????” [not the sweet kind...but the kind with an attitude]

“Oh. Yeah. Right. Where am I gonna eat today?” [not noticing the fire in my eyes]

After recovering from the urge to drop him out of the car and speed off, I realized he was right. As a single mom with two boys, I’m outa luck for cleansing buddies in the house. My routine should be the only one that changes.

The Red Lobster host and the waiter both stared at my lemonade mix. I was clearly breaking the rule “No Outside Food.” I must have looked insane enough for them to resist approaching me about the subject. I felt like Queen of the Hill as I sniffed cheddar biscuits and happily passed.

The start of the day was a little shaky. I didn’t have the senna tea the night before, because I only one tea bag that I was trying to save. Yikes.

My body got right to work. I certainly gave PLENTY of reason. I ate holiday-style until the last possible minute. I’m talking Jamaican Curry Chicken and Rice at around 1am, and a fried chicken leg after 2am – all after a New Year’s night service.

The day in summary: Mild headaches. Plenty of elimination. The “heavy body” detox feeling. And one big grin for finally starting.

  • Quick Stats:

Glasses of Lemonade: 6 (barely.. still forcing it down after 11pm)
Ounces of Water (additional): None
AM: Senna Tea, PM: Senna Tea
Healing Crisis: None
Weight Loss: None
Wildcard Stat: I think I broke a bathroom record for Cleanse Day 1.

  • Flashback:
Wanna see where I was on Day 1 of my first cleanse?

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