Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Cleanse 2, Day 8: The Standoff with Johnny Carino

Sunday January 8, 2006

I took my kids to our favorite restaurant today, Johnny Carino's. This was a much greater test of my will, compared to Pizza Hut. When the menu came, I could hear the old Western movie gun fight music. I clicked my spurs and positioned my hand over the holster.

Victory for me is defined as a new relationship with food. Success means the ablity to say "no" when necessary. And face it, if I can't look Carino in the face without breaking a sweat, how will I ever succeed when I'm outside of the protective lemonade barrier??

The waiter, Alex, was the fun part of the night. I told him to pass by me, because I won't be eating in January.

[Eyes growing big] "You're not eating for a month??"

[Shrugging] "No, just 21 days."

By now, Alex's eyes look like they might pop out of his head and land on the table. For something that gross, I'd expect a free meal.

Alex made several trips back to our table for more information. He was fascinated. I love when somebody is willing to accept new information regarding proper health and longevity. Alex became my foster child. His curiosity was lovable.

By the end of the meal, our young 20-something server was considering the cleanse to break some barriers with his weight and overall health.

I left the name of the book and a 58% tip to make sure he remembered our conversation.

Alex, you rock, man.

Quick Stats:
Lemonade: 6 glasses
Water: 20 ounces
AM: Senna Tea, PM: Senna Tea
Weight Loss (no scale): The comments are coming in. It's very noticeable at this point.
Healing Crisis: None
Wildcard Stat: Survived the first and only time I will ever enter Carino's and not order something, like the amazing Garlic Jalepeno Tilapia. That's just crazy talk.

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