Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Cleanse 2, Day 3: Chicken Burrito with Beans and Salmonella Sauce

Tuesday January 3, 2006

Why are women so strange about being heard in a public bathroom stall?

Today was the first day back to work while on the cleanse. I was reminded of how “colorful” bathroom trips can be. As I was fighting not to sound like I had a Chicken Burrito with Beans and Salmonella Sauce, I wondered why women are so dainty about public bathrooms.

Face it, men stand in cattle lines with their family jewels in hand, and we’re afraid of a few sound effects. Sheesh. LOL

Anyway, besides my public bathroom antics, today was smooth sailing.
I eased my own fear of 21-days by rationalizing:

Gee, that’s only 6 more of what I just did (3 days).
Six sounds a whooooole lot better than 18.
Hey, whatever works. ;-)

Other quick notes about the day:
* Woke up with a mild sore throat
* My calves shrank already!
* I slept like a baby
* Just like the last cleanse, I find myself walking fast everywhere. I find that "symptom" quite funny, since I usually complain that everybody is walking too fast.

Quick Stats:

Glasses of Lemonade: 6
Ounces of Water: 40
AM: Senna Tea, PM: Senna Tea
Healing Crisis: Not really, just a few itchy spots on the skin in the AM.
No-Scale Weight Loss: Hmmm.. Feet look longer when not wrapped in bloating.
Wildcard Stat: I posted more times to the Yahoo masterclease Group than any other day.


Take a look at where I was on Day 3 of my first cleanse:
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Just in case you missed it, Salmonella is the bacteria, which causes food poisoning.

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