Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cleanse Day 3, Part II: Over Tall Buildings in a Single Bound

Oh my Lord. I don't know what to say about feeling better OFF of solid food than I ever felt while EATING food.

I danced as I prepared a nice-sized dinner for my sons... and even invited mom over to have my plate. I treated them all to a bbq chicken dinner, with cornbread and asparagus. I even served on glass plates. As a single mom, my standard for at least a year+ has been paper and plastic.

By the time my mother got to the the house, she had a tentative look. I guess she figured I'd be drawn in the face and clawing at the walls for a chicken leg. I literally felt like I could run around my neighborhood.

I washed down my entire body with Dr. Bronners Castile Soap (Tea Tree variety). I noticed a "bruised" looking area on my left had that stung when submerged in water. That's my first skin blemish. I'm actually encouraged. That means I'm starting to eliminated through my skin. Yipee

The nite ended with Senna tea at 8:30pm... hoping to not have some "action" at 4am. Tomorrow is my first day back to work. I'd like to still be asleep at 4am.

As it turns out, I was up at 2:30am, 3am and 3:20am. Not bad.

I'm still feeling like the million-dollar-woman. Yes, a little bionic.

The hardest part of the day...:
...Not licking my finger when it was all stuck with bbq sauce and cornbread crumbs after serving the kids. Believe it or not, the thought only lingered for the few seconds before rinsing my hands. Piece of cake!

Another spell of tears...
...You know? Since the time I made the decision to accept Christ and live for the Lord, this cleanse is the biggest leap of faith I've made. As I watched Joyce Meyer talk this AM about "putting God first," I found myself "full" and thankful for the cleanse. There's nothing better in life than meeting a challenge that seemed impossible... especially when you chose the journey between you and the Lord.

I'm going to go ahead and admit this "out loud"... I'd really like to be one of the folks who stays on the cleanse for 40 days. I'm loving the freedom from food. Most folks know the Biblical story of how Jesus fasted in the wilderness for 40 days...

As many report, my vision is better. Strange to me, since I always test at 20/20. I don't get tired walking places, and I'm not as annoyed by the little glitches in daily life.

More tomorrow as the dancing continues. Rock on, sistah.


The Mad Brotha Jay said...

Gawn Gurl!!! Do YOUR Thang!
-cause I'm scurred a you!

I'd have kilt me several somebodies on Day 1.

More Power to ya!
And keep updating us!! ;)

Hawa Bond said...

Yo Jay!

Actually, I wanted to kill me ONE LITTLE SOMEBODY during the McDonald's trip, but I'm glad I'm past that stage. LMBO