Monday, October 17, 2005

Cleanse Day 8: Stuck on Snarky

October 16, 2005

Oh Lord. My attitude is still stuck on snarky. It's much more fun to be annoyed by a known pest. I managed to limit the two-headed monster with the kids - even got in a few of our fun games with them.

I have more energy than ever, and my clothes are starting to reveal the weight loss.

Now if I could just find the switch on the snark-o-meter. It's like a 2-day bout with PMS without the actual PM. Ha. That just leaves "syndrome."

Pastor found a single mistake on the programs for the evening service, and I thought I was gonna shred the draft and go join a cult somewhere. LOL

Not much new to report about cleansing. But I will declare to those considering: Do not quit - no matter what.

I'll be posting two parts for Day 9, starting tomorrow morning.

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