Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cleanse Day 5, Part I: Squirrels and Salt Water Flush Don't Mix

October 13, 2005

The Salt Water Flush was finally a success today. I still only drank 75% to 80% of it, but...

Tip for Those Who Want to Try the Cleanse:
The directions say "lukewarm" for the SWF, but I added a few degrees. I got great results even tho I was not able to drink 100% of the mixture.

The results were so good, I was still in flush mode on the way to my son's school. The squirrel that ran in front of my car on this rainy day almost caused an incident in the car - if you know what I mean. Note to self: no sudden moves or startling events while still Flushing. I learned the same lesson yesterday when I was practically running into the building and jumped onto the curb. The extra energy made me do it. Those who have cleansed before are laughing now.

I have a slight sinus drip during the late evening and in the morning, but I have almost no sign of allergies during the day. I sneezed at work today... even thought I didn't have that "allergic" feeling that usually goes with it.

Headaches threatened to pop-up last nite... but went away just as quickly. I have a little itchy acne-like splotch on the left side of my chest.

The overall news is the same: I feel like Superwoman.

Gotta run after work and get my Reverse Osmosis Water at Bonterra Market for $0.37 per gallon. You can't beat the price for good clean water. The only trick... you gotta bring your own container or you must buy one. The 2 gal container with nice spout for dispensing is $13 (first fill of water included).

As always, more later.

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