Friday, October 14, 2005

Cleanse Day 6: Exodus From Mount Toxic Waste

October 14, 2005

Today is a one-blog-post day. I have an event to attend tonight, and probably won't be around.

My left eye has been a little red for the past two days. Today it let me know why. It's running. Eeeew. My sinuses opend the Phlegm Factory today. Woulda rather missed that grand opening event. Seeing much more debris in the Porcelain Soup Bowl too. All of this indicates the next phase: The Mass Exodus From Mount Toxic Waste.

The ol' body is letting go of "stuff." My throat feels great, but it still sounds like Kermit took up residence. Skin splotch jumped-up onto my right cheek yesterday, and was gone from my face before I could get home. Had a slight "nervous" tremor in my hands last two nites around bedtime. Time for the ol' girl to part the red sea and let the toxins exodus outa Egypt.

Speaking of Exodus, I am feeling a little like Moses right now. Older. Wiser. Fresh off a mountain from receiving the 10 commandments. Well, except it was 10 lemons with some maple syrup.

I set aside some TV watching the past 2 days, and found I didn't really want to use that time. I've enjoyed the quiet evenings of playing with the boys and then reading after they go to bed. I insisted on seeing Everwood, tho. And our game of choice?? Donkey Konga 2 on Nintendo Gamecube. There's a lotta fun packed in that game!

My sons have developed a healthy curiosity about the lemonade and mom's new aversion to food. The oldest thinks it's way cool. The youngest just wants to taste the lemonade all the time. I'm thinking:

"You have a plate of homecooked goodness, and you want cleanse lemonade?" What a clown.

Still having very vivid dreams. The last one featured a cameo appearance by the same neighbor! I'm startin' to wonder.....

Notes for those on the cleanse:

1. Keep your lemonade with you at all times. Carry more than you think you need. If you get pulled away or have an extra errand to run, you don't want to get hungry.

2. Since my Senna tea was still working from the nite before, I skipped the SWF and had another cup of tea for breakfast. This is allowed, but I wouldn't make it a habit. Most accounts hail SWF as the primo was to move waste in the AM.

3. Be a living testimony and share with others. The response from those around me has been extremely positive. I guess they're thinking, "I'll try this now. Your fool-butt didn't keel over yet, so I guess it's okay."

More tomorrow...

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JanJan said...

Hi Hawa--
I enjoyed reading your blogs & assume that you're a sista. So am I & I'm on day 3 of this cleanse that I'm doing for the 3rd time. I appreciate how so many of us have different experiences doing this cleanse but never regret doing it, especially for all of the benefits. Take care & I'll check back.