Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Cleanse Day 10, Part II: The Finish Line

October 18, 2005

I'm still not sure whether I should laugh or cry. Besides accepting Jesus, this cleanse is the best choice I've ever made. As I look at my last bottle of lemonade, I wonder about life-off-the-cleanse. I notice I'm still eliminating some solid matter and wonder if I should add another day. Then I realize I don't have the ingredients, and I settle for the Finish Line.

Now here's a weird symptom that I keep forgetting to note: One tooth became sensitive somewhere around Day 5. No cavity. No nothing. But when I first touch that toothbrush and cold water to my mouth, that tooth sends off an alarm. It's almost like the sensitivity is near the gum of that tooth. Very unusual, and I'm interested to see if it disappears after the cleanse is over.

Notes to those thinking about the cleanse, or on the cleanse:

1. Don't settle for less than 10 days. I've read stories about people lasting fewer days for many reasons. Some are afraid. Some get bored with the lemonade although not hungry. This was my first cleanse and I was determined to last the minimum recommended 10 days. Based on my experience, 3 - 5 days is just a kick-start. The real benefits and increased elimination came after that.

2. Some experienced tiredness. I only experienced that when I wasn't drinking enough lemonade. It's amazing how the lemonade really packs enough "stuff" to live on.

Tomorrow, don't forget to visit the blog and read about the challenges of Life After the Cleanse.

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