Sunday, October 16, 2005

Cleanse Day 7, Part I: The Two-Armed Tape Measure

October 14, 2005/October 15, 2005

This is really a summary of the end of Day 6. I just couldn't resist writing a Part II...

As I prepared my tea for the bedtime ritual, my 13-year old son ran to give me a hug. He stepped away and paused before returning to his video game. Now if you know my son, anything that causes him to pause before a video game is a big deal.

"Hmmm. Wow, mom. I can get both arms around you."

Now let me qualify that statement. He can probably barely get those short little arms around Halle Berry or Tyra Banks, right????

Anyway, I did notice how he was able to clasp his hands together. Makes me wish I did a weigh-in before the cleanse. (Hush, Wolf. I know... metrics, metrics. I'll get to you on this blog later). :-)

I feel strange. Not bad strange...

"Heavy" is a good term to describe the feeling after large or poor meals... because the strange I feel right now is "light." My movemenst don't feel hindered... almost fluid... like moving in water. Did someone spike my lemonade???

I see how super-healthy eaters stay in such great shape in terms of exercise. It's easy to be vital and active when you feel this good.

Notes to those on the cleanse:

1. I have experienced a few bouts with mild dizziness. They go away as quickly as they start. Have more lemonade and realize that the body is working something out. Don't assume symptoms are from a lack of food and quit the cleanse. Be in it to win it, baby.

2. I'm in day 7. When you get this far in a 10-day cleanse, start mapping your plan for after the cleanse including (1) the list of things you need to come off the cleanse correctly and (2) a personal plan for adopting and maintaining healthy eating habits.

3. Never argue that your lemonade is your "food" to a six-year old. Their logic will always win after declaring, "It can't be chewed because there are no whole lemons in it." Smartypants.

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