Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cleanse Day 5, Part II: Furry Teeth that Want to Chew

October 13, 2005

That furry growth on the teeth is proving a weird little pest. The furry growth is cured by brushing, but accumulates lightly after the morning brush, and before I can get home from work. Looks like I have to become one of those geeks that brushes at work. hehehe

I still don't feel a lick of hunger. The body gave in and gave up food the first day. Didn't have the nerve to pester me with hunger pangs. But I'm on an emotional withdrawal today.

I mentioned last night how I had a strange "blue" feeling come and go.
Today, Mr. Blue has been creeping again, and I realize what it is. Although the body gave up a long time ago, the mind seems to just be catching up.

"What, you're really not going to EAT? These teeth with the fuzzy growth really won't CHEW?"

By many accounts, cleansers reach a point where it's not about the toxins or absent food. It's about a new clarity in other areas. I'm at the halfway point. Things I notice:

I have so much more structure to my day. Since daily preparation is crucial during a cleanse, my whole schedule is improved. I get up earlier. I'm even better about timely meals for the kids because I have to spend time preparing lemonade anyway. While I was waiting for my SWF to kick in today, I actually sat with the 6-year old and read him a book while he ate his breakfast cereal!

The usual routine is: rush out the door at the last minute, grab some quick (and icky) breakfast, eat in the car and rush to school. Now, he's eating an organic cereal before school and not rushing at all.

Life is good. More later. *grinning ear to ear*

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