Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Cleanse Day 9, Part II: The Beat Goes On

October 17, 2005

Wow. This has been quite a ride. It's amazing what a clearer mind can do.

I made an adjustment with my 6-year old son on Friday. It's incredible what the "guilt" of a divorce can cause a single mom to do. I was compensating for my son's broken heart by giving him more latitude. The worst part, I didn't realize I was doing it. I thought he was simply a rebel. He was really a kid with a poor boundary. After making slight adjustments, he was writing me love notes by Sunday night! No kidding... God bless him.

Wham boom. Monday afternoon, I get a glowing report from his teacher. She laughed and said she was gonna check with the office to make sure she had the right class. Even my son's "partner in crime" was a good boy that day. I wonder if that made my son the ring-leader(?) I wouldn't doubt it for a second. *sigh LOL

I still walk a lot faster. I wonder if it's because I'm no longer a fire hazard... since my thighs have parted ways. Yeah, they're still close friends. But all that rubbing is over.

You know, I have an awesome co-worker who led me to this cleanse. I'll give him big props on the blog tomorrow, but for now, I have to say this: You know somebody is really cool when you're allowed to interrupt their work day to ask about bathroom habits. Nothing says "love" like a good bowel chat.

I had a lovely trip to the health food store again yesterday. Here are a few things pertaining to planned life after the cleanse:

1. I was required to shop often for the cleanse, which is also a necessity for a healthy diet. I had no "quick and easy" options for the lemonade. I will keep that habit, and stay away from quick meals void of nutrition. I believe I'm going to sell my commercial freezer. When eating healthier, a family of 3 should only need the freezer over the fridge. Everything else should be fresh.

2. My pantry is almost empty now. I dedicated a shelf to pots and pans. Why? I purged canned food. In terms of quality, frozen is second best to fresh. Canned is the bottom of the pit. If something that was once alive can last on a shelf for a year... that should give pause.

3. My son had an organic pizza with a whole wheat crust, with basil pesto sauce yesterday. Still no fast food pizza for him. I won't quit this trip when it comes to the kids. They follow my lead, and I'm responsible for leading them to a healthier life.

4. It isn't all about the food. TV... even with the kids... is a poor quality option. Yes, I believe we should have our few favorites that we watch together. But, I have had the time of my life playing and chatting with the kids. I didn't realize how far we'd traveled from that. Sometimes "busy" is your worst enemy.

More tomorrow, on big DAY 10.

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