Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cleanse Day 4, Part I: Wrangle Me A Lemonade

October 12, 2005

I'm all in like Flynn now. I'm not interested in somebody wrangling me a steak... just pass the lemonade.

I'm still feeling great today. The Salt Water Flush was almost a total success this AM... well... until I almost didn't make it into the building at work later. Note to self: Decrease salt for those who "flush" too long.

Hey ladies... My feet are slim! You know, that sleeker look, showing off the arch, and the oh-so-sexy *gasp* extra little space between the toes. No more chubb on da feet.

I'm walking places faster than ever, without that little "whew, glad that's over" at the end. I would NEVER imagine having more energy to exercise while not eating. The Standard American Diet, and the accompanying mindset, would never allow for such crazy-talk. I got mad at the slow elevator and took 2-flights of stairs today. In heels.

I keep asking people if I'm talking too loudly. I can hear everything. Even my own voice is too loud for me. I can smell everything, too. I have an air pattern in my home, that allows me to smell aroma oil upstairs when burned at a certain place downstairs. BUT, this AM... I stood at that spot at the top of the stairs and could smell my son's cold cereal downstairs. What da? I went back 3 times to make sure that's what I was smelling. He musta been in the airstream. But dang. Like I told W.P. and S.S., I'm the bionic woman.

Notes to those who want to try the cleanse:

1. If you think you're in love with food, you'll find out you're not. Heck, food and I were married. That thingy with my ex-husband was bigamy. If I can find this level of vitality on a cleanse, you can too.

2. The limes were a success. Delicious. I didn't really need the change, but it was nice nonetheless.

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